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What Does God Look Like?

While rereading this article, I realized the transformation I had experienced within the 3 years since this article was posted in 2007.

I wish to share those thoughts with you, then invite you to the new paradigm I have experienced since;

While running and gunning my way through life I often stopped to ponder the reality of an ultimate authority. Knowing that one day I would be required to reckon with such deity, these thoughts then took me on a journey of spiritual enlightenment to the various religions of the world.

Beings that “The Book” has diagrams representing future events or plans that I could realize, I engaged them, only to come to terms with the reality that what was written before time can not be changed in time, but rather time was allowed to change me. Therefore, I have concluded that the prophecies written in “The Book” are the inevitable consequence that validates my previous self-willed lifestyle.

In my many years of traveling through this journey of process called “Life” I have found it best that I do not allow myself to have emotional loyalties to any political or religious parties in order to prevent myself from becoming bias in my thoughts.

I learned many years ago that truth is illusive. Whereas, what is truth for me may not hold true for another, as we all have experienced various moments that have defined our beliefs. Therefore, I challenge everything from that comes from any media, including the Bible.

After many years of reckoning with these realities, I then went on to launch an on-line ministry where I am often engaged in some rather unique conversations with others. I now wish to share one of the many conversations I have been allowed over the last year or so.

On September 23, 2007, I received a friend request via from an unknown person or person(s) of an organization. As always when I receive a request, I investigate the requestor’s MySpace website to discover clues to their character.

Here I discovered all the hallmarks of a typical 30 year old single male, the girly pics, the desires for admiration and romance, with other interests that lead me to believe that he had a strong desire for truth, rather than just accepting whatever the various medias claim. However, his vision of truth, at first, appeared to be one contaminated with anger and resentment towards the present governmental administration.

I then responded to the request by agreeing with much of that regarding his political views and the ideas they reflect, but there were things I felt the young man was not aware of.

I explained my thoughts regarding our present governmental circumstance was inevitable and that those in power are merely pawns in a game of chest, just as were many world leaders who preceded them, and that the Hebrew Scriptures are full of such leaders.

I explained that I did not wish to see anyone take the blatant disregard regarding our civil rights lying down like a patsy or a fool, but that there is a process going on here that is purging evil out of the heart of all men. I reminded the requester that the battle is not between flesh and blood, but rather between spiritual principalities that are beyond our direct control or our reasoning.

I explained that I would accept his offer primarily because I love the American flag that the group uses as its icon. I am old school, therefore, I still get tears when I am offered to place my hand on my heart and pledge my alliance to those who died to protect my religious freedom.

I then went on to explain my grave concerns for those who are being allowed to profit from the sex trade, drug manufactures that often appear more concerned with profit than character. The materialistic mindset created by the media and the tolerance that is being allowed to encourage sexual deviancy.

It appears that people are so fearful that they will be seen as intolerant they are allowing the media to re-engineer to the point of teaching, enabling, almost giving permission to our children to do whatever, without fear of consequence. Much of what appears to be learned by engaging in pornography, violent video games and other self-destructive media.

Then when the child acts out on this, now a preset alternative, almost pre-programmed action, society then arrests and punishes the child, rather than allowing for treatment to suppress the learned behavior. Therefore, I ask who is at fault here, a congress that gives its permission to a media that teaches the behavior, or the child who merely acts on an alternative or learned behavior.

I believe this enabling tolerance has now reached its maxims and if these addictive modalities are allowed to survive much longer, they will continue to cause irreparable damage to both, traditional as well as secular families.

They claim that 85% of the American population claim Christianity as their choice of religion, and with a Christian church on every corner it would seem so. However, when surveys are taken 85% of those surveyed do not know Saul from Paul, and most appeared to have various claims regarding their understanding of Christ.

I have gleamed a rather unique view of Christness because I came to the realization that the brick and mortar church is being manipulated. Therefore, religion is used to control mankind, rather than to allow his freedom from the tyranny that is the god of this world.

Where some claimed you are blessed by God only if you see extravagant success in the market place, others claim money is a curse. Some claim abortion and homosexuality are unforgivable sins, whereas, others claimed the Law given to Moses was abolished on the cross.

It appears that most people refuse to study the words in The Book to discover for themselves, thus allowing them to create their own set of rules that allow them to justify whatever they choose to do with their lives. This is the true sin of Lucifer, his free-will gone rouge. Yet, his “church” wishes to blame the true children of the most high God for Lucifer’s crimes against humanity.

It appears that because most people do not understand this, many now wish to remove the true Christ from congress, however, when they finish sandblasting the Old Testament Scriptures off of the walls, they will realize Who was holding up the roof.

It is for these very reasons why I do believe, if not arrested, God has called on various modalities to wreck havoc on America’s inner structure and government, thus creating its economic collapse. The medias blatant disregard and exploitation of the simple minded will not be tolerated, because God will not be mocked.

The requester then responded by telling me he understood my concerns and gave me examples of those who had made a difference in the world with their actions, and that he felt he needed to do his part as well.

He then invited me to view the video Ziet-Geist warning me that I may be offensive and asked me to respond back with my thoughts. I viewed the movie then looked up the term “Ziet-Geist.” I discovered the term relates to; “The taste and outlook characteristics of a period or generation” – American Heritage Dictionary

The video contained speculative information that was primarily a review for me, however portions of the information I was not previously privy to. Much of what was claimed in the video, and much of what I will claim here can not be proofed, as there is no hard evident to back up much of what anyone claims. As most is speculation based only on hearsay and folklore.

However, my primary foundation is from the biblical evidence, such as the Book of Enoch that I discovered has more to say regarding this very time period in which we are now living, than any other period of time. Because history has proven the prophecies of the Hebrew Scriptures to be valid, this medium has become my primary foundation to future claims that I subject all other claims to.

I explained to the requester that I have been aware of a secret society of elite business opportunists wishing to control the hearts and minds via, the world markets. As President Ronald Reagan made the claim in its regards as he was leaving office, telling the American people to embrace a New World Order.

I was rather young at the time, but still I realized what this implied. Therefore, coming from this man, I was rather surprised, but later realizing that at the time, I do not think he fully realized the implications of his statement, nor the consequence to follow. I still have great admiration for this fellow patriot.

However, this mentality, regarding world dominance has been known in each generation since the time of, well the biblical Cain and Able, I would suspect. Unfortunately, ultimate wealth and its power has been a precursor for war since the times of the biblical kings as well.

I had suspected that the powers to be may have created a need to wag war on Iraq in order to gain control of the oil reserves, and the only way to sell a need for war to the American people was to create a scenario to unite them under the guise of a common enemy. However, they, the rogue government have no fear of any such group, but rather fear the day the masses are awakened and begin to realize they are the true children of Yahweh.

However, I was not fully aware that the powers to be had created 9-11 until I saw an image on the video of the primary supports on the Twin Towers had been cut at 45% angles, with what appeared to me as having been done with gas cutting torches. I wish I could have seen this for myself or at least interviewed the witnesses of this and those regarding pre-explosions just seconds before the air craft made its fiery crash. However, with that many witnesses, it does tend to remove the doubt factor.

I do believe, as many I’m sure, that if the war in Iraq was created, it was not created to liberate a nation or remove a Godless tyrant, but rather, to control the oil reserves. As any serious thinking person would have to come to the conclusion that oil is the heart beat of all nations and without it, a nation can not survive. However, there may be a more serious spiritual component to all this.

As far as Mr. Dick Chaney’s involvement in Halliburton, is appalling, the same as if Kofi Annan’s sons’ alleged involvement in the “Oil for Food” program. If proof can be provided, all involved in these atrocities should have seen incarceration. However, as I claimed above, there is a power at work here that is above reproach. In that, evil is claimed in the Hebrew Scriptures to work towards the ultimate goal of an ultimate Authority and to a reality unrealized at this present time.

This then brings up the next topic in regards to religion. Rather than involve myself in the judgment of other men’s unsavory deeds, as I sure have invoked plenty of my own, I now wish to address my thoughts on man’s use of religion to control the hearts and minds of the simple minded. This, to me is a much more heinous crime than any addressed thus far.

I greatly enjoyed, especially the first part of the video, because I could relate to the words used by Mr George Carlin. However, most Christ based persons would have difficulty relating to a long term process of an evolving creation. I on the other hand, could realize this as a process that was divinely conceived.

As most would have to conclude that in both Holy books, the Hebrew Bible, as well as in its half brother the Koran, are books based off of metaphors, symbolism and similes. Both appear to be designed like a diamond with multi facets with various relations combining one all encompassing Creator. Therefore, if Grandpa Adam did spend some time swinging from a tree and picking bugs off of granny Eve’s back side, I still have no problem with The Creators methods.

God says He spoke the universe into existence, and to this I have no reason to mistrust His claim. I also have no reason to disbelieve Him when He claims to be holding each molecule together with His breath. It all makes no real difference to me how He did what He did, I just know that He did what He did, and in the way He needed to do whatever He did.

As far as other persons claiming to have been born to a virgin birth, every tribe of men have their stories and folklore of a great flood and prophecy claims that are all very similar in their nature. Most just use different people, places and things in their representations, but all depicting same outcomes.

I have been tracing down a bearded man called by many names who had apparently visited the Americas. They say he came from the sea, and returned to the sea, as if he just walked there and back.

I once did a web search of him that lead me back to my own website. This demonstrates how little is known of him. Yet, the Hopi and other tribes of the Americas have spoken word accounts of him from over the last 1,000 years, maybe longer.

Was he Christ come in another form? We can only speculate, just as if we ask ourselves same was Hitler or Napoleon a form of anti-Christ proclaiming “God’s will, will be done”

“See, it is I, ‘God’, who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges the weapon fit for it’s work, And it is I who have created the destroyer to work havoc,” Isaiah 54:16.”

My studies at the junior college were related to psychology; however, I have been studying ancient civilizations and various religions for many years. I found the mathematics of the Mayan civilization completely fascinating.

It was then I realized that the Creator had invented mathematical laws to govern His galaxy. Therefore, nothing is left to chance, but rather, all is relative and purposeful. However, when knowledge is used to control the hearts and minds in the form of religion, it is, and always has been, left to its own demise.

Man is incapable of self-government, as self-government has always led to self-destruction. History has demonstrated this from the time of the biblical Adams. This then began the quest of the keeper of the darkness, who I choose to call Lucifer, when he made his claim to the light and its throne, only to deceive himself, as we, in our present form, are the product of this mindset.

Many years ago a book called “America in Prophecy” written by a Miss E. G. White was sent to my address. Here I received my first real view of the corrupt church called “Religion” This religion, much like the absolute business model, of say a company like Goggle that seeks total dominance to control the hearts and minds of the simpletons.

Again, this same business model appears to be used by the anti-Christ to seek fulfillment in regards to his own self-invoked destiny to place himself above the throne of God. There is nothing new under the sun here as well.

Therefore, of all those claiming to be born to a virgin, only one claimed to be the way, the truth and the life. Anyone can claim divinity, however, only one did and in my understanding. Whether He is the Son of God, or the sun of man, He is the only one who makes logical since, even after my long process of research.

But, again it is so much more. When a man suffers grave consequence for his actions, or those of another, he often contemplates the whole of his life and his role in the bigger picture. Here he is often granted a quite heart that begins to recognize a voice directing him to a certain goal or destination.

Although many have tried, none to my satisfaction, have ever totally explained this gut feeling that comes during these dark times to relieve the darkness of its duty to discount the validity of the light reflecting its truth.

I find value in understand life and its many implications in Holy books, however, this understand did not come from a book or other modality, but rather, from a storm of emotional carnage.

As I stated in our websites disclaimer; “Until that time in which each of us is as one with our Creator, there does not appear to be an absolute truth at this point in human development. Truth appears to be rather subjective as man’s role appears to be rather subjective governed only by his will to do right by his fellow occupiers of God’s earth.

Therefore, it appears that we are all in a time of probation, readying us for a final process that will eventually grant us amnesty. However, let us not feel secure that we are free from the darkness, but look constantly towards the Light that is Yahshua HaMashiach, The Christ as God’s only form of realism for our resolve.”

There is much for us to learn, as we have but just scratched the surface here. I have written a book that regards my explanation of biblical accountability that I learned in a room full of former Catholic alcoholics. I am not putting down The Universal Church; I am merely making an observation of what I have termed “Christian bartenders” as recovery is filled with former Catholics seeking truth in other realities.

Beings that “All” people are born to the image of their Creator and “All” require respect, even if not fully earned, I caution everyone from using derogatory remarks or the use of defamatory cartoons depicting humans as creatures of disgust and ridicule.

I rather, encourage others to spread their various ideals causing no physical harm to none. For if concern for the welfare of others is allowed to turn towards anger and resentment, the message becomes further contaminated with works of the flesh, rather than that of a truth seeking venue.

“The Book” claims a strong spirit lacking discernment has been placed on the people of the earth. Therefore, we should not take it personal when denial has a foothold causing our message to go unheard. We must understand this free-willed spirit hampers the hearts and minds of those who love the ways of the world. In that; it is wise to live on the earth, rather than in it. For those who are in love with the ways of the world, have little, if any respect for their Creator.

Therefore, we all must understand that we can not argue with an infant for messing in his pants. As it is all that he understands, but just until the time when he is allowed to recognize the smell of his own stench, but not until his time for reckoning has arrived. Therefore, we are our brother’s keeper, but not his judge.

I then received the requestor’s reply claiming that his beliefs did not come from lack of believing in deity, but rather mistrust for “The Book” in that, claiming it was written by man. I understood his concern, knowing the “The Church” did not place the gospel of Thomas and many other popular Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures in the canon. I believe because these speak of redemption outside the early churches control, it feared many of these gospels.

The requestor then expressed a touch of doubt, but explained his reasoning further. He apparently grew up in his father’s church, his father being the pastor, the requestor and his step mother had both taught Bible studies and the family had traveled to various parts of the world doing missionary work.

He had attended a Christian collage and managed a Halfway House for drug addicts, so I knew that he had a strong foundation of education. But “what” I asked myself, “What would cause him to believe the way he now believes?”

In 12 step groups I often heard many reasons why people had left the brick and mortar church. Some sure seemed legitimate to me, whereas, others I had to question. Some people just appeared to have cause to want out in order to see the world for themselves without feeling hampered. However, surveys done tell us that 85% of these return to their basic foundation.

Upon further correspondence I found my answer. Apparently the requestor had asked God why other men had been privileged to see various visions, but not he. That night he claimed to have seen a vision that changed his life.

He said he saw God as a huge ball of what looked like lava ever rotating with streams of lava coming into the bodies of man, animal, plant, all of it. Then he saw fields of knowledge of which consisted love and kindness and light. He claimed to have seen evolved humans, the Creation of man and Mayan art before he knew anything about Mayans, their culture or their art. In the morning he began drawing countless pictures that were directly linked to Mayan art.

When he saw the field of knowledge, he claimed he began looking for The Book that he had trusted all of his life, and said not one trace of it was found. He said it was all rather unsettling for him, and rightly so, as his entire life began to feel like a lie.

Well needless to say, he had me curious, so I began questioning him further being careful not to bias his conclusion towards my projected outcome, but rather, one based on his own explanation.

He claimed when he saw this light, he knew it was God, however, much to his dismay, he felt God doesn’t say, think, has no concept or rational, therefore, does not figure or judge, but rather, is the consequence of a math mathematical equation. Not aware of his surrounding or ours. He is just performing a duty to continue the equation.

This just made no sense to me, a Creator that has no connection to His creation? I again inquired further, knowing there are many factors to consider, as truth appears to be rather illusive and subjective governed by one’s life experiences and what he chooses to do with the information.

Many years ago I received an excerpt from a book titled; “The Natural Depth in Man” By Wilson Van Dusen. In this book, Professor Van Dusen describes his work with those suffering schizophrenia.

He wrote about two distinct forms of spiritual entities. One he titled “The lower order spirit” that speaks with many words about having great powers. However, after being engaged in indirect conversation, was often made foolish by Van Dusen’s inquiries.

The other entity Van Dusen titled “The higher order spirit.” This spirit was symbolic, rather than using words. In order to see the jesters presented, Van Dusen required the client to explain what the client was viewing, rather than hearing as he had done with the other form.

However, another observation Van Dusen claimed was that the lower order was often allowed to mimic the higher order to resemble its symbolisms. (The article can be found on my website under the Origin and Destination menu tab, under Demon Possession?) With this information, I then inquired further of the responder.

Even though the responder claimed no connection, and because I understand prayer to be a 24/7 conscious contact asking for God’s will to be done, believing it to be a form of paradigm, or communal thought, I then asked the responder what he felt while he was with this entity. He claimed he did feel a common connection other than a source of energy to do or see or to be.

His went on to explain a feeling of well being unlike anything he had ever felt before. “It was a feeling of immense love, joy and comfort, as if I was as one with the source of the light.”

I then explained why I had taken such a serious interest in his encounter, because I, too, had, had an encounter. Many years ago, I had an almost indescribable, almost inhuman emotional connection with someone or something that left me feeling utopian.

A calming peace had fallen on me that was beyond my comprehension. It was like harmony and perfection was a catalyst that held peace and joy together. Then it just melted away before I could fully understand it. It seemed like an emotional view of heaven, a spiritual intimacy with harmony! I then felt whole with God!

It left me with a sense of wonder and aw. It was rather overwhelming and powerful. It came on so fast that it could not be measured by time. I felt I was given a brief window of total contentment.

During further conversation with the responder, who is now a friend, he shared more with me. This may be tough for many of you to believe, even if you believe us so far our claims here. He elaborated further on the evolved humans he had previously mentioned.

He claimed they looked an awful lot like an Alien is described in many photos we have seen. Except made of energy with an almost teardrop head and body’s skinny as can be. Something strange though, he claimed when he tried to look them in the face, they would not look at him, but rather, continued

doing what they were doing as if he was not even there.

They just seemed to refuse to make eye contact no matter how hard he tried. He claimed he got the feeling that they were protecting him, as if eye contact with them would have harmed him in some way.

My new friend appeared to have had a vision in the night, whereas, I felt I had, had a day time dream. This lead me to believe that there is only one universe, one family and one Creator of all, who serves all religions and has relationship with all men.

I understand the Creator, whom I choose to call “God” to be the energy source that maintains all, whom through the presents of His identity in Yahshua has personality and maintains personal relationships with the Creator whom I choose to call my friend.

There appears to be an opposing life force I choose to call Lucifer or deceiver, whom also maintains personal relationships that I wish I didn’t have. However, they are both known by many names in many different lands and from many times and ages.

The ultimate goal for me then became to become as one, as luminous, to share in this transfiguration with the One whom I choose to call my friend.

If you have had a similar encounter, I would greatly enjoy hearing from you.

Please now join me exploring the endless possibilities.

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